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Family Law

Legal Solutions that Work for the Individual and the Family

In difficult family law matters such as divorce, there are two kinds of people: those who want to find mutually agreeable resolutions and those who want to fight. Each of these stances can be effective, depending upon the situation you are facing.  The attorney you choose to work with should respect both strategies.

It is our job to put your best case forward, and to do so in a manner that is consistent with your goals and respectful of your values.

Family law attorney Harold Boyd and his team operate with integrity, and we understand that our clients want to act with integrity as well.  We will support you in finding a resolution to your family law matter, and we will assertively represent your interests in mediated or negotiated settlements or in family law court.

When you want to work with a family law firm that listens to you and respects your views, contact Attorney Harold L. Boyd, III. We assist clients with family law matters in Charles, Prince George’s, Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties and all of Maryland. Your initial consultation is free.

Divorce, Marital Property Division, Alimony: People have two common misconceptions about Maryland divorce: that it is important to file first, and that someone must be at fault. In most instances, these are not significant issues and will have limited impact on your case (although fault may have some bearing if you will be seeking alimony).

People are often confused about the ownership of property. Division or marital assets can be complex, particularly if one party had a complex executive pay package with a pension, or when people have made unequal contributions to a 401(k) plan, IRA, or other investments. At our Firm, we can access expert resources to help our clients understand the nature of their property and reach decisions for a fair distribution between the two partners.

Child custody and child support: Child custody and visitation arrangements is one of the most difficult and emotional decisions that a couple must make. You do not have to make it on your own. Mediation, negotiation, as well as litigation in family court are all available to help you arrive at a solution.

Modification of child support and custody orders: Situations change, and so can court orders. However, in order to raise or lower your child support or make changes to your child custody or visitation arrangements, you must prove there is a significant change in circumstances. Family lawyer xxxxxx xxxx and ise here for you now and in the future, should you need legal representation to achieve a change in your child support order, spousal support order, or child custody order.

Protective orders: The time preceding or following a break-up or divorce can be particularly stressful—and dangerous—for some people. If you art being threatened, harassed, or stalked by a spouse or partner, you need immediate help. Contact the police and contact our law office for assistance getting temporary and permanent (12 month) protective orders to ensure your safety.

Legal establishment of paternity: Every child deserves to know his or her parentage and to receive financial and emotional support from both parents. We help men and women establish

legal paternity and resolve the questions of child custody, visitation, and child support that follow.

Prenuptial agreements: An increasing number of couples are choosing to add structure to their financial arrangements before they marry. Prenuptial agreements are common for those entering a second marriage and for people who have children from a first marriage. It can provide great peace of mind. if you are wondering whether a prenuptial agreement might be right for you, contact attorney xxxxxx xxxx at the xxxx Law Firm to learn more. We accept Visa. MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

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Attorney Harold L. Boyd, III.  is located in Waldorf, Maryland and serves clients throughout Maryland in Prince George’s, including Upper Marlboro, Fort Washington, Forestville, Greenbelt, Bowie, Landover, Largo and Charles County, including Waldorf, La Plata and Prince Frederick.  


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